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Will My Homeowners Insurance Cover Sewer Line Repairs?

Unfortunately, home insurance rarely covers sewer line repairs. The only exception to this is if the sewer line damage was caused by someone else, like a contractor or neighbor, or an “act of God.” In the case of someone else being at fault due to negligence or misconduct, their insurance may pay for the sewer line damage. If an “act of God” like a tree falling or mud slide occurring damages the pipe, that may also be covered depending on the specifics of your policy. 

Earthquakes, floods, and fires are likely to damage your home sewer line. So, if you’ve experienced any of these it’s important to get a licensed plumber out right away to assess the damage and get a claim filed if you carry any of these types of individual policies.

If you’re unsure about what your policy covers and can’t find the original written policy, give your insurance agent a call to discuss your coverage. If your insurance agent thinks the main line damage will be covered, he/she can help you file the claim and keep you updated as it’s reviewed.

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