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How Much Does Sewer Line Repair Cost?

According to HomeGuide.Com, a main line sewer repair costs approximately $50-150 per foot. Given the typical length of a home’s sewer line, that comes out to $2,250-5,750 on average to repair or replace a sewer line.

However, homes with longer sewer lines can result in much more costly repairs because the problem can be spread out over a larger area. Similarly, homes with deeper main lines may be more expensive to repair also. While excavating is typically included in sewer line repair work, trenching can add to the overall cost if it done separately. Depending on what’s around, moving landscaping or structures to avoid damage during excavation can drive up the cost of sewer line repair substantially as well.

Obviously, the type of damage can affect the overall price as well. Like any other plumbing work, full sewer line replacement is more expensive than sewer line repair, which a price tag ranging from $8,000 to $30,000.

In the case of a leaking sewer line, the cost of locating pipes and identifying where the leak is coming from, makes up part of the final price tag. Because commercial sewer line pipes are typically more complicated than residential sewer lines, the associated repair cost is higher.

These costs can be difficult to stomach because they typically aren’t covered by homeowner’s insurance. However, regardless of the cost, a damaged or broken sewer line is never an optional expense. Sewage spilling or backing up into your home creates a serious health risk to homeowners, their children and pets, and even neighbors. If you suspect that you have a broken sewer line, call our emergency plumbers immediately! We will send out a fully licensed and insured plumber right away to investigate the issue, identify the problem, and get your broken sewer line fixed as quickly as possible.

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