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Sump Pump Repair

Stickney Sump Pump Repair

A sump pump is the single best way to prevent a basement flood. However, a sump pump can only do its job when its mechanics are functioning normally. If a sump pump fails it can allow a flood to occur and in a worst case scenario, even cause flooding.

Some sump pumps are working against insurmountable odds like in the case of a poor, cheaply built design or an improperly installed unit. But other units can fall victim to old age and fail due to routine causes. Most commonly, a sump pump can get overwhelmed when heavy waterfall occurs or a pipe bursts, pushing the pump past its maximum power capacity by dumping too much water into the area too quickly. Sump pumps can also get clogged or experience drainage issues, especially during cold winter months when drainage lines can freeze. Losing power to the unit can also cause a sump pump to fail, resulting in a water backup in basement spaces.

If your sump pump is running constantly, this can signal a different issues, typically stemming from a stuck switch, broken valve, or improperly sized liner. The risk of letting your sump pump run for too long is that the motor can burn out, leaving your basement defenseless against a flood. If this happens, you'll likely need a full sump pump replacement.

Let us diagnose your sump pump issues today! Call our Stickney emergency plumbers and we’ll come out within the hour to repair your sump pump to prevent further damage.

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