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Shower enclosures and hardware can fail in a variety of different ways.

Issues with the faucet typically involve the shower value or the diverter, causing problems when water is turned on or switched from the bath spigot to the shower head. However, the shower head itself can become blocked with lime scale buildup and rust, limiting water output and affecting spray direction. While some of these issues can be resolved by handy homeowners, many require a plumber to find the right replacement part to do the job effectively the first time. A Lynwood plumber can advise you on which parts can be repaired and which should be replaced, as well as source the right parts for your specific shower at a reasonable price.

Shower drains can also become clogged over time from hair going down the drain. Soap, shampoo, and other cleansers can add to the blockage as they get stuck on hair, creating a troublesome clog that causes water to back up into the shower. If left for too long, the clog can get worse, causing water to back up and spill out during use, and even potentially damaging the pipe. Never pour caustic materials down a shower drain to try to clear a clog. This can drive the clog deeper into the pipe and thin out the pipe walls, making it more likely to leak or break elsewhere. Additionally, these materials are not safe to get on your skin, which makes them a poor choice for showers. Instead, call an experienced plumber to resolve the clog for you!

Glass shower enclosures can also begin leaking, causing water damage to floors, baseboards, and the structure of the wall behind it. Improper installation is sometimes to blame, but usually this type of failure occurs over time from regular everyday use. Have a plumber fix any shower leaks that you notice before permanent water damage occurs.

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