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Emergency Roto Rooting

Godley Emergency Roto Rooting

Our focus is simple: Restoring your home to its original, comfortable condition.

In any emergency situation, great or small, the most precious resource is your time. No one better understands that more than USA Plumbing & Sewer Inc. Our philosophy puts your needs first, by always having a live person to work with you in attending to your emergency. Our replies to your emergencies are simple: "We will dispatch someone for you within one hour!”

In an effort to provide faster, more efficient and personalized services, we have recently upgraded this site with 7-minute response form. With this added bonus, you can be assured we are here for you and will respond in seven minutes or sooner. We look forward to helping!

Our emergency plumbing services resolve the following common issues: 

With experience in all projects sizes, we provide expert Godley emergency plumbing services for single family homes, apartment complexes, multi-family properties and townhomes, as well as retail and commercial properties.

With over 30 years experience, USA Plumbing & Sewer Inc is the only private company with a Lifetime Warranty and boasts a 10% discount to seniors and the uninsured.

Don’t hesitate to contact us today: 1 (800) 674-9130

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