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Why Do I Have Basement Flooding Even with a Sump Pump Installed?

If you are experiencing frequent water backups or flooding in your basement despite having a sump pump, call an experienced plumber to diagnose the issue.

An improperly sized or incorrectly installed sump pump can lead to issues later, allowing water that should be pumped out to remain. Poor quality sump pumps can let homeowners down as well even if they’re appropriate for the needs of the home. Over time, the strain on the sump pump can cause it to burn out prematurely. A licensed plumber can recommend a better unit that will do the job more efficiently and perform the sump pump replacement.

Even the right pump can allow flooding to occur if it's clogged up or has a broken sump pump component. A clear indication that a sump pump has a malfunctioning element is continuous operation. If your sump pump is running constantly, or flooding keeps occurring, give our team of local Ashburn plumbers a call. We’ll come out right away to avoid costly damage to your home and belongings.

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