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Learn why Hydro Jetting is Better than A Drain Cleaning

When you have a clogged drain, it’s easy to assume that you need a basic drain cleaning. However, a drain cleaning is meant for less severe clogs. Snaking a drain or performing a roto rooting service can clear a blockage that’s closer to the end of the pipe (nearest to the homeowner or business owner). These types of clogs are usually due to putting products or items down the drain that shouldn’t go down the sink. A regular drain cleaning can get hair, toothpaste, soap residue, grease, food bits, and other small items out.

Line jetting can get to deeper clogs in areas of pipe that are larger but harder to access. Drain jetting equipment uses a pressure washer-like hose to get to stubborn clogs in sewer linesSewer jetting can even break up roots, sediment, and other debris. Like sewer rodding, this is a much more powerful form of pipe cleaning. However, unlike sewer rodding, which uses long rods to reach into pipes, hydro jetting can more easily reach clogs areas through tight turns in piping and pipe diameter changes.

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